1. 1.We schedule an appointment to come to you at a place of your convenience; home, office, or hotel.

  1. 2.We have a short interview to gain some understanding of your clothing needs.

  1. 3.On the date of the appointment we measure you, choose fabrics and style the garments. This usually takes one to two hours based on the number of suits and styling needs.

  1. 4.We confirm your order, pricing and secure a deposit within twenty-four hours.

  1. 5.Six to eight weeks later, we return with your garments for a final fitting and tailoring. We review the fit, note changes and finalize the order. Shirts will be complete and delivered in three weeks.

  1. 6.One week later your finished suit is delivered, pressed and ready to wear.

  1. 7.Balance is paid on outstanding order. Follow up discussion for future needs.

It is that simple. No hassle, no stress and in the comfort of your own world. Should you find this method appealing to you, we hope you will email or ring to inquire further. We strive for this process to be one of the most enjoyable experiences of your life.