Features and benefits of the Clothing

1.  Over 25 hours of handmade work by master tailors.

2.  Using the finest fabric from boutique European mills.

3.  Full canvas, horse-hair,‘floating’ chest piece.

4.  Silk bemberg lining in jacket and trousers.

5.  Trousers are silk lined to the knee.

6.  Deep cotton pockets with interior ‘coin pouch’.

7.  Surgical, functional buttons holes with hand picked, natural

     buffalo horn buttons.

8.  Boutonnière stitch under lapel for flower holder.

9.  Hand pressed over 4 hours at each stage of the tailoring process.

Features and benefits of the Dress shirt

1.  Handsewn - single needle tailoring throughout the process.

2.  English and Italian fabrics of only the highest quality are used.

3.  Removable collar stays.

4.  Semi-fused collar and cuffs to hold up under laundry process.

5.  Diamond gussets to reinforce seam stress points.

  1. 6. Mother of pearl, thick buttons, a hallmark of luxury. 

  2. 7. Hand folding and pressing of the garment.

  3. 8. Handsewn monogram.