My love for men’s fashion has been evident from a young age. I began my career on the sales floor of a high end men’s store while I was at Texas Tech studying agriculture. My cowboy heritage and love for fashion made Ralph Lauren a good fit for me to take my fashion career to the next level. I became Retail Director of the Paris Ralph Lauren Boutique on Place de la Madeleine.

After three years in Paris, I was ready to return to the USA and moved to New York City. I became fully engaged in the wholesale, design side of fashion where I worked for such brands as Valentino, Tommy Hilfiger and Donna Karen. While at Donna Karen I started the custom clothing division that arose out of a need to outfit the Fox Sports talent. I designed clothing under the Donna Karen label for such talent as Howie Long, John Madden, Matt Millen, Terry Bradshaw, Ronnie Lott, Patrick Ewing, and Dave Winfield.

I started my clothing business out of a passion to make beautiful clothing for today’s man in the style of the American male. Names like Cary Grant, Fred Astaire, David Nevin, Frank Sinatra, and Dean Martin, all icons of style, have influenced my eye and taste. It is exciting to see that times have changed and so have fit and fabric. Fabrics are lighter, stronger, with clearer finishes. The modern silhouette is tailored and clean, which reflects the need to simplify life and fashion.

I am a product of Texas ranch family and have traveled the globe and my “American-ness” is never more evident than when I am abroad. I make clothing from that distinctly American perspective, steeped in that workingman tradition, based on quality and service.

In continuing this journey, my passion is to pass on the quality and experience of custom made, one client at a time. I look forward to that next meeting with you.